Doodle : Vintage Camera in the Making

Hello !

I still find machines quite interesting, so this time, after making a consideration on which theme to doodle for sticker : cakes or vintage camera , I chose vintage camera ! I've collected pictures of vintage camera since last year, thinking I might someday want to doodle them. 

I used Photoshop CS4 and 5 year old bamboo tablet. A friend ask me, why I didn't use Illustrator and draw a vector version instead? I think my answer would be, digital painting is the closest I can achieve to my doodle strokes. Vector feels little bit stiff and the artist's touch is missing - that is what I thought. 

Anyhow, it will be available for this upcoming Pipit event.

2 comments on "Doodle : Vintage Camera in the Making"
  1. nice blogwalking, follow blog cik emma jg ye =)

  2. nice ;)

    can u make a tutorial how to paint in photoshop ?

    thanks ;)