Tokiyo Trip 6 : Bicycle

September 22, 2015

Other than the whole apartment for both of us, I was excited over the bicycle rides!

The last time I rode a bicycle was when I was 17, I got the bicycle for my straight-As result in UPSR. I remember riding it to school and on weekends to meet up with my friends. Even though far after my friends started to use motorbike to go to places, I was still sticking proudly to my bike. I left the bicycle later after we went out from my dad's house. That was the old days.


Japan is a country famous for its use of bicycle *other than number 1 : train. I wanted to know how it feels like to use it in their city as well. We used those free bicycles every single day to go to the train station and mini-market to buy some stuffs. Asaka was a bit cold during our stay so there wasn't any problem with being tiny-bit sweaty as we pushed it at some hilly spots. 

Cars and vans gave us the priority to cross roads first, and they will slow down for us. We used the bicycle parking area near the train stations for 100 yen per 8 hours, and it will be 200 yen if more than 8 hours. The machine is a bit fancy with all the Japanese wordings, but we managed to understand the step-by-step images on how to use it :


It is rather interesting to see all the malls with bicycle parking sign at random places rather than cars. 
It's like everyone is using it to reach places; the office boys, the pregnant mumsies, the grandmas, the random people, small family of husband and wife each with little child on their own bicycle. The view is very refreshing!

The bicycle's parking were available all around the train station area. We just put the bicycle on the deck, entered the number in the machine and the deck will be automatically locked until we came back again and entered the number to pay for the fees according to the time :


Money spent :
We spent around 1700 yen for the 2 bicycles parking in a week. 
That's like RM 30 for each bicycle.

Here's a video AF compiled for this post :D
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