Little Things 206 : Random Thought on Education

September 04, 2015
As I was sitting at KL Sentral's chair waiting for my client to arrive, a young girl approached me after I mistakenly made an eye-contact with her. I was finishing my draft and just taking several seconds rest from all the typing. I didn't feel like having to answer to any survey or apply any loans or insurance - it was my silent alone time, so I was a bit annoyed. Slowly I showed her a sign of rejection when she was handing out a leaflet, without even reading it. She said; "Don't worry, just read, no need to respond", and so I took it.

It was from UPM, a study while work program from FBMK. Call it a coincidence, it goes back to 3 years ago when I was still fumed with strong energy to learn from traditional education methods with all the lectures and reading textbooks and writing thesis. I went to UPM and searched for this exact same course of part-time master degree in Language and Communication from UPM. I think through all the syllabus, the education fees, the time that will be spent for another scroll. Just because the idea to learn things excites me. I remember meeting Zm's dad - Arwah Prof. Musa, asking for his advice because coincidently he was one of the professor in that faculty. He said there are 2 strong reasons why anyone should consider to continue their study : 
1. If you want to be an educator 
2. If you want to be a researcher 

If you are considering to work in the academic field you should consider to continue your studies to the highest level you can achieve. That's what Arwah Prof. Musa and my dad used to say; *my dad was a biotech researcher and finished his PHD as well. 

So after some thoughts, I decided to forget the plan. Although I am very much interested in being a researcher, I am more prone to achieving something using different flexible methods rather than dull standard education. So schools were always too boring for me and the only reason I excelled was because I am a nerd. In these 2 years, the internet bloomed to the extend of reaching everywhere, anywhere. I was introduced to TEDx; the space where people share all their passion in life in the most simplest 15 minutes story-telling and also various online learning platform like Coursera. I began to forget the standard traditional learning method. Plus, I don't really need another Master for my future career development if I'm really serious in creative & IT field, certified certification would do. Right?

Who should I thank for this unlimited amount of free education? 


If the girl didn't pass me this leaflet, I wouldn't randomly go back to 3 years ago when I was considering to apply for the course itself. Thank you for the random morning thoughts. 

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