Tokiyo Trip 3 : Sleeping at the Airport

Sleeping at Haneda Airport :

We reached Haneda Airport right before midnight. I forgot why I originally chose to pick the afternoon boarding time, but having the thought of sleeping at the airport excites me. AF agreed on that so by the time we arrived, we were ready.


We explored all the floors at Haneda Airport, there were many dim-lit places with chairs and benches for people to sleep on. We didn't pick up a place right away, we went to explore all the places first, bought cold lemon tea from the vending machine, enjoyed the airport's view from the huge observation deck, checked the train ticket availability, and by the time we really wanted to pick a place, all the nice benches were all fully occupied =.='

So we chose a long benches in a well-lit main pathway near the escalator that kept on repeating the same message over and over again. While AF took care of our bag, I went to charge my iPhone at the charging deck *there were many spots available, just bring your wires and adaptor and got online to update Ma. 

I went to the toilet to brush my teeth, refilled free water from the cooler and came back to the bench. I brought along my mini blanket and neck pillow, so I hid beneath my mini blanket and tried to sleep. It was uncomfortable and the repeating message from the escalator was a bit annoying, but I had some deep sleep enough for the next day.

The next early morning, we had a nice cold caffe latte from the vending machine at the observation deck. It was such a nice cold morning, a serene and beautiful one. I'm thanking God for those silent moment of the starting of our nice escapism.



Haneda Airport, Tokyo :

Multipurpose Toilet : Ready to be used for your number 1 & 2, brush your teeth, wash your face & freshen up.
Shower Room : You can pay 1,000 yen to take a shower and relax a bit for 1/2 hour. *But we didn't really want to spend 1,000 yen for that :p
Prayer Room : There are rooms that can be used for Muslims for prayer, near booth K check-ins - Departure level (international).
Water Cooler : You can refill your water from the cooler near the Arrival gate's toilet.
Charging Deck : There are many charging decks table ready to be used in Departure & Arrival floor.

Note : 
Must check-out their observation deck, drink cafe latte and spend some time there to enjoy the nice cold breeze.
Also, if you want something to eat, go to their 7/11 to buy some onigiris :)
You can take a train ride to the city by using Keikyu Line or Tokyo Metro subway to Shinagawa. 

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