Work Related : Hello Kitty Cafe 3

The soft launching for the cafe is this Saturday!
It's in Sunway Pyramid :D 

Finally, after 10 months work it is ready to be opened and see the world. T^T
I was in Japan during its trial openings, so I'm not quite sure what to expect from the restaurant yet.
My colleague shared some behind-the scene images :

Credit : HK Design Team


Us in the design team (around 4 designers) were in charge of making moodboards and researches, designing all the advertisements, posters, menu, wall decals and any printed items in the cafe. We were not in charge of the interior designing because that was from the other design group *so everything about the interior like chairs, wall, lamps and such weren't exactly ours. Food designing is also made by the chef and our art director.

We are all proud parents.
And we will keep on improving, as it is still a newborn please give us some time to improve.  
Do come to the cafe to take a look, the grand opening will be due in October.

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