Illustration : Minako Aino

Remember that I illustrated Hotaru Tomoe several months back? Being back in Japan gave me such an exciting rush to do more fan-arts. I never thought that the Sailormoon fever is still there after all these years! Should consider Cardcaptor Sakura and Oh! My Goddess for Wacom-tablet drawing practice as well.

In the process of illustrating the whole team member, here is Minako Aino or Sailor Venus illustration I made 2 nights ago. I also made Artemis next to her :


I also found a nice paragraphs about fictional Venus in Wind, 1969 by Haruki Murakami while having nescafe kurang manis for breakfast in the mamak. It's a conversation between a man and a young Venusian *he claimed that he came from Venus :

The clouds that cover Venus turn its surface into a furnace. That and the humidity mean that most Venusians die young - reaching thirty brings one almost legendary status. It also means that everyone's heart is overflowing with love. Venusians all love each other; there are no exceptions. Nor is there any hatred, envy, or contempt. No one badmouths anyone else. There are no murders or fights. Love and caring reign.  
"Suppose someone were to die today - we wouldn't feel sad", the quiet young Venusian said. "We loved them with all our hearts while they are alive, so there's no need for regrets.
"So you love in anticipation of death?". 
"Earthling words like that escape me," he said shaking his head. 
"Do things really worked out that way?", I asked.
"If they didn't", he replied, "Venus would be buried in sadness".
3 comments on "Illustration : Minako Aino"
  1. Nice fan-art of her.. ^^

    All that I know is they re-created Sailormoon but evergreen animes will always be evergreen.. ^^

    1. Oh really? It wouldn't be the same, kan.

      Back then I didn't watch their anime,
      but we had the whole Sailormoon manga :D
      I loooove their heavy storyline and Naoko Takeuchi's strokes compared to the anime version.

    2. wouldn't..but that explains the fever perhaps.. XP I watched the opening of the newer version, it's prettier..but not sure about the storyline..

      Owh, hard core fan, aren't you..? The same actually..ehehe.. I even learnt to draw from Sailormoon.. but then I moved to Cardcaptor Sakura..eheee..