Travel Tips : Backpack + What I Bring to Japan for 7 days Trip


The best birthday present I received from my brother was a proper backpack and 40 Euro *for a cancelled Euro Trip. Before the backpack, I used to use a typical formal school bag and totebags for my  little travel for years before really use a proper backpack for travel. For that, I am still very-very-very thankful for the gift. 

There are many types of bag that you can use, all depends on your taste and usability.

Some people like a small-simple one, some people can go with large and bulky one. Mine is just nice, fitted in a regular size Asian's body. It can be a bit heavy at times, especially during several hours walk. There are some tips and tricks to buy a good backpack that you can check on websites/travel blogs and even infographics in Pinterest. I'm not really good in this matter, so I pass it on to those professional backpackers of the world.

For me, a medium size travel backpack, with a lot of compartment should be enough. As a cheapskate escapist I never really go to new places to buy things *Ma couldn't agree on this. So I don't really need more spaces for things that I will buy. It all depends on each person. Before the travel backpack, I went to Bandung, Singapore, and Pangkor using those normal school bag, so it is actually possible to use any kind of bag. No worries about that :)  


Things I put in the backpack for 7 days trip :
  • 3 blouses + 1 tshirt + 1 singlet
  • 1 multi-use black pants
  • Inner wears + 2 socks
  • Toiletries
  • 1 Converse
  • Telekung
  • Foods ( Milo + Maggi + Tuna )
  • Adaptor, chargers, wires
Not including the things I wear a blouse, a jeans, a cardigan over the top and a sandal on the flight. Also things in my hand carry bag

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