Tokiyo Trip 7 : Itinerary + Places

September 23, 2015

We didn't visit Tokyo by any help from travel agency, we simply book our flight tickets and accommodation, and followed the plan that we created every night before our day. Various maps were taken from the stations and booth for our guidance, but my favorites were :

Tokyo Handy Map & Tokyo Handy Guide by Yes! Tokyo
Tokyo Guide by Hello Sandwich

You can definitely use mobile apps, but it won't be the same as using map and instinct as a guide to find places and roads. We didn't really use the internet during our exploration, all searches were done by using these maps and asking around and try & error :D We might spent a lot more money and time by doing that, but for me, that's the whole point of going to a new places, so we can explore!


Everyday we went to a different smaller city. There weren't much time as we would want to, we just had to use the time we have and use it wisely. We will be super exhausted beyond words by 6pm so we headed back during that time and rested through the night. Not really onto the night lives when we spent more than 8 hours walking outside everyday, ey? Maybe next time :)

Itinerary :
1st day - Arrival at Haneda Airport, Tokyo
2nd day - Marunouchi (Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace) & Asaka *our home
3rd day - Shinjuku (Shinjuku Central Park, Shinjuku Times Square, 5-story Kinokuniya)
4th day - Shibuya & Harajuku (Meiji-Jingu, Yoyogi Park, Takeshita Street, Hikarie Building, Shibuya Crossing, Hachiko Statue, Craft shops) 
5th day - Ikebukuro (Resting day : Sunshine City, Ghibli Shop, Higashi-Ikebukuro Park)  
6th day - Mitaka & Kichijoji (Walked to Ghibli Museum, Inokashira Koen, Kichijoji Dori )
7th day : Ueno & Sumida ( Ueno Zoo, Ueno Onshi Park, Ameyoko, Yanesen & Yanaka Ginza, Tokyo Skytree ) 
8th day : Akihabara ( Electric Town, Siddique ) & departure at Haneda Airport

Using Hello Sandwich's booklet, we found : 
Shibuya (Hikarie, Tsumumu Factory, Loft, Parco, Wrapple )
Harajuku ( Takeshita Street, 5 floor Daiso )
Kichijoji ( Inokashira Koen, Sublo36, Pack Mart )
Shinjuku (Kinokuniya Books, Tokyu Hands

*If you are planning to visit Tokyo and want to borrow my copy of Tokyo Guide, please email me! It is quite useful to find those little cafes, art & crafts shops on random streets :)


Tokyo Guide Borrowers :
April, May 2016- Fatin N M

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  1. I want to borrow your copy of Tokyo Guide! ~<3 Can i give my email here?

    1. You can just email me at with your travel date :)
      For now, someone else already booked for April & May 2016.