Little Things 208 : New Pair of Glasses

September 29, 2015

I've been using a dark thick-rim glasses since I was in Uniten, back 5-6 years ago. I remember taking complains from my classmates and family about how the glasses make me look like those people in the 60s. And because I always believe that I was born old, I didn't really mind. Ha!

I've been searching for a new glasses for months. The one I was wearing almost reached 3 years old since I bought it. Ideally for me, glasses should be used for 3-4 years with minimal scratches. Extra note : I started wearing one when I was 8, so I've tried thin silver-rimmed one, the dark blue one, the rim-less one, the half-rimmed one, the silver-rimmed again, thick dark blue with orange-rim and the latest one was brown horn-rimmed glasses :D I always play around with my choice of glasses just to see how my face evolves around it.


So the quest to find a new one started for the past several months.

My original idea is to find a thick clear-rimmed glasses. I've visited a lot of local shops but I couldn't find any. I tried searching for it online, but with the over-price tag and cost for postage fees, I think it's just waste of money. I usually invest around RM 150 - RM 200 for a glasses. I don't really need an over-rated brand to see the world clearer so the search went on :p

Something like this, but less rounded :

Image from Pinterest


Back in the Tokiyo Trip, we went to Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku and saw a nice shop that sells modern glasses. Like always, we stopped by just to see whether they have what I was searching for. I saw a nice clear-matte thick rimmed glasses on the shelves with a discount tag and tried it on. It was be-oh-ti-ful ! But when we checked the price tag, even with a discount, it was stated : 13,000 yen *around RM450. Definitely over our budget T^T

So I had to forget it and left the place. 
Af said that we can always come back later if I changed my mind T^T *no-oh.

Later after several days of exploring Tokyo, we decided to take a day off and went for a window shopping at the Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. Again, we saw a glasses shop and decided to check it out. Owndays. I saw a clear-rimmed glasses again, this time, it is a clear-rimmed glasses like I originally planned and not the matte one like we found in Shinjuku. I showed it to Af and he approved it :D The price was 5,162 yen including tax *around RM 180. Way cheaper than the previous one.
Here it is ! :


After asking the helper on how long will it take to add the glass *only 1/2 hour, Af paid and got the receipt *it was a nicest present, wee-hoo! We went back after 40 minutes and took the glasses, and since then, I've been wearing the new clear-rimmed glasses. I definitely look a bit different than wearing a dark thick-rimmed glasses, but I'm still in the process of accepting my new look and I can't wait for it to evolves around me in the future :D


The quest ended with a million thank yous to Owndays and Af !

PS : I'm still wondering, 
how on earth will I draw my face with a clear-rimmed glasses later?


If you are wearing glasses, don't be afraid to try some colours to play around with your look! Especially if you don't believe in make-ups and go for nude natural look :p Here are some inspiration :

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  1. I have worn glasses myself for years just like you. I also am on the thrifty side, I like them to last and do not replace them for years. I recently went to an eyeglass store that is local to me. And for the first time I let the worker there pick out a style for me. They look like yours in the picture but with wire frames and I love them!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes