Little Things 51 : Escapism

December 06, 2012

6 years ago, I said to my mom.

Let's sell everything here, and we will go to someplace far together.
The idea was rough and dreamy. Something everyone loves to think about every now and then. Escapism. My mom excitedly said 'yes' !

5 years passed and when a huge opportunity came. I said to my mom again,

Maybe it's time. Let's start anew !

But I guess it is not that simple. As any other normal rational human would think, they won't take such big risk and leave their comfort zone easily. It is not fair for her to be forced to leave what she is used to. It is not fair if I expect everyone to follow my path either.  

But it is also not fair if people stop me from having what I want to have. 
As much as I never want to interfere with what other people want, I expect everyone to do the same to me. Just give me my freedom and respect my needs. 

Easy said than done. 

My mom is not a mean person. She is a very supporting mother, I love her very much. But mother being a mother, that loves her children more than herself. She wants the best of us as I want the best for her.

I don't want her to worry about me. 
So I am here, by her side.

I asked my mom, whether there is any express ticket I can take , that will hurt her less if I ever want to leave a bit longer and meet her a bit less ?

And so she said  " Yes, if you get married. "


Mother knows how to twist the game.

2 comments on "Little Things 51 : Escapism"
  1. haha, try take some time off now and then for holidays?

    i've always wanted to take sabbatical leave and go to places..but money is one thing :-|

  2. "Escapism" - that's what i exactly feel right now... Leaving our comfort zone for a better future. Maybe.

    Semoga kita sama-sama dipermudahkan jalan oleh-Nya. InsyaAllah. :)