Little Stories 29 : Aunty Mas

Aunty Mas was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago.

In the first year I worked at the Lab, I learned about Aunty Mas. She worked at the Lab for her next big project, she was there almost everyday along with her team. I was not very friendly and I don't usually make the first conversation.

Everyday when she arrived, she will pushed the button on the intercom and I'll answer to her, opening the door. She learned my name, and she soon called me 'sayang', like she usually did to almost everyone. 

She talked to me about her cancer and how she was fighting it. She told me how important it is to teach yourself about healthy food, she  said one thing she regretted was how she did not started early. So she reminded me to eat healthy food and take care of my body. She reminded me to eat less processed food especially those fast foods & soft drinks. I told her I stopped enjoying fast food several years ago. I don't even drink carbonated drinks anymore. I guess I really have an old soul in me. 

She said everything has a solution, maybe we have not found it yet, so we need to find it. Don't give up. 

Sometimes at 3pm, she called my name and said "Let's make sandwiches for them!". So we went into the pantry and make sandwiches for the whole office. 

I did not know her long enough to know about her past or even how many grandchildren she had. It was only a year, before she stopped coming to the Lab. Many times during this year, I thought about her and wished she would stop by. Maybe I missed her a bit. 


A week ago, when I woke up, I read my whatsapp message. I found out that she was hospitalized and her condition was bad. I knew right away. I went to meet her the day after. I stayed for awhile, I kissed her forehead and said 'thank you'.

Yesterday, at 7.07pm, she took her last breath, in her last smile, she wished us all goodbye.


2 comments on "Little Stories 29 : Aunty Mas"
  1. I am very sorry for your loss.
    Be strong, dear.

  2. Al-Fatihah May Her Soul Blessed By ALLAH SWT