Little Stories 33 : Illy


While in Beijing, I saw a sticker signed ' illy' at some coffee shops. It is actually a coffee brand from Italy - but I didn't know that at the time. So I asked my brother, for the sake of making a conversation.

Do you know what 'illy' stands for? 
No. What? 
It stands for " I leli like you " , because the Chinese can't pronounce R ! :D

He didn't understand the joke.
It's either the joke was not funny or my brother is being super slow.

Okay, it was not that funny.

4 comments on "Little Stories 33 : Illy "
  1.'s funny! HAHAHAHAHA really!

  2. Really ah?

    No offense ya Ms.Bulat >.<
    My grandma is Chinese, I wouldn't have any points to offense my own 1/4 Chinese blood ! :D

    It was a bad joke.