Little Story 27 : Safi & Signs

There was this little town in the middle of no where. For years, the town did not received any rain.

One night, a young man called Safi had a dream. In his dream, an angel came and told him a flood was coming and the angel told him not to worry because there will be signs to help him get through the town alive.

So days after, a heavy rain started to pour. It did not stop for days, weeks, and soon the town was slowly flooded.

The villagers were starting to pack their stuffs and left the place. They stopped by at Safi's house and asked him to come along. But Safi said;

No, I dreamed of an angel and he said a sign will help me. I'll be fine.

The rain did not stop for many days forward and more villagers were starting to leave the town using little boats. They stopped by at Safi's house and asked him to come along. But Safi said the same thing.

Days later, the rain was still pouring heavily and a search team came using a helicopter to find any remaining villagers and saw Safi on his roof top of his house. They shouted at Safi;

Safi, let's go! You will die if you stay there ! 
No, I had a dream and an angel came and said I will get a sign and I'll be safe ! 

The search team thought he was crazy and left him there.
Soon the whole village was flooded and Safi drowned. 


Little did he know that the angel did sent him signs to help him.
The angel sent the villagers, the boat and even a search team by a helicopter.
But he failed to see those signs as 'the sign' and ignored it.


This 1 minute story was retold, taken and inspired by Paulo Coelho's blog post several months ago. I keep remembering it so I felt like sharing it here because I failed to find the original post. This is the edited version.

Many times in life, we get signs to help us get through this life, almost like a cheat code, but we choose to ignore it. We no longer believe in intuition. A life we live based on only what we choose to learn and accept. 

3 comments on "Little Story 27 : Safi & Signs"
  1. interesting story, its true that angels can transform into human form, and devil can do that also...
    but with the right knowledge, through their actions and behavior, they could be identified.

    *some angels are huge, but i havent heard about devil.

  2. So true, but did you learn something from the story? Or do you still choose to live based on what you wish to hear and accept?? ;)

    That is the most important thing you should ask yourself...

    Selamat bercuti ke Beijing!