Little Things 52 : Temptations

I watched a movie called "An Education" , a 2009 movie directed by Lone Scherfig last week.

I learned about the innocence of a young girl , temptations in life,  and how the world can offer .

A young girl of 16. She was taken to fine restaurants, concerts, even to Paris as her birthday gift ; from a gentleman that seemed to offer her the world in his hand. When given all those romantic and fancy lifestyles she had been dreaming about, she decided to take the chance. Her life-long dream was pushed aside.

Later when she already made the decision, she found out about the ugly truth.


That life is not as were told in fairy-tales.
That there is no shortcuts.
That when things too good to be true is offered to you,
you shouldn't jump out with instant conclusion. 

That you should not fall so easily to love.
Love is tempting and beautiful.
So fall slowly.
Grid by grid.

PS :
Or if you are afraid to take any chance,
find a nice man that can be trusted,
get married and then fall in love :D

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