Little Stories 26 : Curious Boy

December 04, 2012

There was one boy named Ahmad. He was one heck of a curious boy. He asked a lot of questions and always demanded for answers.  Up to the point where his parents were annoyed to answer all his questions and ignored him.

But Ahmad found unanswered questions and riddles disturbing, so he put on a quest to find a man who knows a lot of things about a lot of things. 

He searched high and low, far and near for the man. 
After years of searching, he finally gave up.

He met his old friend and told him about his failed quest.
And so his friend said ,  " I actually know such person ! ".

Ahmad was happy and can't believe he didn't ask his friend earlier.  

" Can you tell me his name and where can I find him ? ".

" Yes, his name is Mr. Google and you can find him on the net ".


30 seconds story inspired by my twitter post & the reply.

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