Beijing : Niujie Mosque

We had a chance to visit the oldest Mosque in Beijing, China. "Niujie" means Cow Street. It was built in the 996 AD, during the Liao Dynasty, it was later reconstructed and enlarged during the Qing Dynasty. It is located in Xuanwu District, the biggest town inhabited by Chinese Muslim. The mosques is really big, it has the capacity of few thousands worshippers. 

When I walked through the main gate, I was mesmerized by the strong Chinese architecture and cultures, mixed with a little bit Islamic calligraphies. The cold weather didn't really stop me that one time, I felt the urge to walk around the area to see how different it is than mosques in Malaysia.

It was almost empty and silent. My nervousness of walking alone disappeared when I saw my brother snapping photos not so far from me. We walked around, taking photos as a reminder. I saw little dragons on the rooftops, beautiful colours, a nice maze to be lost in.

This has been a nice reminder, 
that we are not alone in this world. 
There are people from all part of the world, believe in what you believed in. 



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Nikon dSLR D40
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3 comments on "Beijing : Niujie Mosque"
  1. did u go around the back? i read that they have nice halal hawker food stalls selling snacks at the back of the mosque :)

  2. There were many stalls, selling halal foods. But it was not up to my taste, I guess. I had this odd gingerly-tasted pau that I can't finish. Also another odd chicken-tasted-onion pau.

    We had no idea what we ate :D
    But it was interesting.

  3. the architectures are amazing!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    The closest I see this kind of building is in the TV and the Sims 3. How sad T^T