November 22, 2012


Hello !

It's been 1 year and 4 months since we adopted Awan

The original story of why I adopted Awan was this. 
Last year, when I was 24 years old, I felt the urge to have children - this is due to the normal effect of comparing my life with my married friends : the famous peer pressure effect. But I wasn't married or even in a stable relationship, so I asked my mom and siblings about adopting a cat. PS : People who know me well should know how much I adore children. 

I said " Yes, I am ready ! I'll  take care of it, I promise. ", " If I have a cat, I'll be more responsible " - all those childish promises kids do. 

After the death of Rene our previous cat several years ago, I mourned for years. I was so affected by its death. I was not even friendly to any cats for years. So knowing that I was ready was a good sign. My brother *the-ever-so-supporting-person and I kept on doing research on cat adoption, online. We literally exclaimed to my mom about how this and that certain kittens were perfect for us. My mom was not really excited over having another cat. 

Weeks later, my sister's friend Kak Shila called her and said there's this abandoned little cat behind her house. Long story short, Awan arrived at our house. Weak and small. She can't drink milk yet at that time, so we fed her using our fingers. We let her lick her mouth before she learned to drink herself.


Awan is so dear, to me. 
She is huge now. So huge she takes almost whole of my upper body when she lies down. 
She is no longer white. She is now stripey white+almost grayish chocolate.
She is no longer the clingy one.
But she still waits for me in front of my door room every morning.

I wish she will never grow up.


You can see her album on instagram, here.

Awan these days :

10 comments on "Awan.11"
  1. besarnya awan sekarang.. mesti best klu dpt dukung awan, usap-usap bulu dia.. :)

  2. awwaaaaaaaan!!!

  3. gemuk da sekarang! i like the expression :D i have 4 kittens back door too, not adopting them, just sheltering and feeding the mom. cant wait for the kitties to grow

  4. Whaaaaaaa, she is so adorable! <3

    Nak gigit perut dia XD

  5. bestnya to those yg tak takut kucing. i love seeing others have kucing, but for me... i must think a few times to take care of kucing.. really takut kena cakar and so on... huhu...

  6. cantiknya awan!
    comel sangat! :B