Writing : 750words - 2


Does 750words a day improve my writing?

I've participated in 20 daily pages.
I've completed 17 daily pages.
I've written 14,432 words in 26 days.

Maybe my writing is still the same. But I learned about myself more than I usually do. When I need to write 3 pages long daily, I had to put extra efforts in thinking of ideas. I had to ask myself daily, somehow it pushes me towards my subconscious mind : things that I don't have time to think about, things that I thought did not matter, things that worry me, or make me happy.

And days after, when I read it back, it was like stories that had been told by someone else. I never knew how deep I went into to write those things I wrote. 

So, by writing daily, I learned about more about myself.
I guess people can use it for self-theraphy.

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  1. I did write for few days on there but I stopped for 2weeks because I don't have any internet connection which sucks.

    But ever since the previous event, I stop abruptly. I think I need to start writing back. Thanks for updating! :)