Little Things 49 : Television

November 30, 2012

I hardly watch TV. I can't remember when was the last time I really watch it. I did watch TV for 5 minutes last week when my colleague was aired for a slot in a program. That was it. 


When I was out-stationed to Kuantan, I stayed in a hotel. Usually the first thing I do when entering a room are give salam and turn-on the TV. Just to leave the creepy silence. But that one time, the hotel room was equipped with a new flat-screen TV installed to the wall. I was a bit jakun and said "Wow, this is fancy". So I tried to turn it on, I searched for the button, but I couldn't find any. I was literally standing up on the bed and searched for any button, but failed. I tried to find the remote control but I failed too. 

I have no idea on how to turn on a TV ! So, to let it pass, I turned on my laptop and watched 'How I Met Your Mother', *so I can laugh and ignore any creepy feelings. How come someone from Gen-Y didn't know how to turn on a flat-screen TV? 

To make it sound worse, we got 2 flat-screen TVs with Astro in my apartment, that I hardly ever watch. I remember when was the last time I actually turn it on, the day I was staying there alone about 5 months back, when my brother came visiting. Why I can remember it? Because my brother actually asked me what I was doing? 

When all I did was turn on the TV. 

So that concludes my relationship with the television.

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book - Groucho Marx  
2 comments on "Little Things 49 : Television"
  1. salam,

    same with me..back time masa zmn belajar. TV kat rumah sewa akan buka bila classmate dtg je. Kalau tak semua duduk dalam bilik layan internet. Even nak tgok news pun, kat internet :)

    Nowadays, sejak dah kerja I will watch TV tapi untuk tgok bola sahaja. cz bola sahaja yg dapat tgok live :)