Little Things 45 : Photographic Memory

November 13, 2012

I really wish I have a photographic memory like Lexie Grey

What I have is a feeble visual memory with the ability to recognize and imagine certain things in my head. Like roads and maps, also certain coordination of things when I look at it. I usually can remember roads pretty fast, I know which road I've used and I can imagine my location in my head - according to how complicated it is. I can also remember where all book's genre located in a library merely by walking around once or twice, and I used to remember the History and Biology text books on my SPM year according to the pictures inside of it.

My family used me if they want someone to remember the road to someplace new and if we are lost, I become the living tracker on where we should head to next. The most famous use of it is locating where we parked the car in the mall?


I can also spot similarity on faces like :

How many of you realised that Lord Voldemort acted as Mallory aka the new 'M' in the latest 007 : Skyfall ? I exclaimed "Voldemort !" when he appeared on the screen. Lord Voldemort with a perfectly formed nose. I can see Voldemort by looking at his eyes :


I remember noticing Keira Knightly as a decoy queen in Star Wars : The Phantom Menace, when she acted as Queen Amidala. See how young she was in the movie? :


Or recognizing Camilla Belle in the 1995's movie - The Little Princess. She is the littlest girl, 3rd from the right when I only saw her once in a movie called "When Stranger Calls" in 2006 :


Photographic Memory is a very rare gift. For example, Kim Peek, had read 12,000 books in his life and he remembered every page of it, word-by-word. He could read 2 pages at once merely by looking at it. It took 12 seconds to finish of of page and can recall 98% of it.

Teddy Roosevelt could recite the whole newspaper after reading it once, he was also a speed-reader and been said that he read 2-3 books a day.

Do you know why I think this is the most super-awesome skill ? 
Because it is of course related to books. As a bookaholic, this is the perfect skill ever.

6 comments on "Little Things 45 : Photographic Memory"
  1. same la kite.. i also noticed yg voldemort tu ialah mamat mcm dlm gmbr tu.i bgtau org lain, sume mcm x caye.haha.funny

  2. whoaaaa.. totally the same.. i'm a tracker too.. easy for me to memorize it. and the movie thingy.. gosh~ sometime i found really annoying when i enjoying movie and hardly find who is he/she.. what movie he/she acted before.. hehe..

    i find easy for me to memorize something visual then a word or number.

  3. Yeahh, I have a memory of a goldfish when it comes to words and numbers. You can tell me your mixed number+words of your password today and I'll forget all about it the day after ! >.<

    The worst comes to numbers , I can't even remember multiplication because of those numbers !


  4. the girl with dragon tattoo, she has a photographic memory and uses it to be a hacker. coolness

  5. Yeah, she is so cool.
    I love Lisbeth, even though she is a bit dark and gloomy.

  6. for me, i can remember what i read, words or calculations and if others tell me a questions, i know where i can find the answer in a book. but when i dont want to used what i read it will lost like i dont ever read them. haha... so rugi nya baca rasa kn?