Little Things 48 : Believe

It's becoming a habit, waking up so early in the morning. I stared at bunk bed above me, I felt lost, and I thought, "What happened?". Those several minutes of mild sleepiness and exhaustion, I tried to recall my dream but most of the time I failed. 

I questioned things that matter to me the most at that time, and I reasoned to that. I felt closer to myself during this particular moment than all my accumulated waking time. Sometimes people forget themselves among other people. Sometimes they don't bother anymore.

When you feel lost, believe me, there is a strong force wrapping your heart. It shines when needed, when you ask for it. And it will always be there. It took me awhile to notice it. And it took me awhile to listen. 

You don't have to act like you are belonged somewhere, you just have to believe and you will see.


2 comments on "Little Things 48 : Believe"
  1. hey there introvert! have u seen this?

    :D just sharing

  2. Oh thanks !
    Yes, I know Susan Cain's book : Quiet :D