Little Things 48 : Short Inspiration

November 26, 2012



A video posted by Sarah Joan on her Facebook wall today put me in deep thought.

If money didn't matter, I want to travel and write and read all the time. I want to spend my waking time creating life that matters to me.

But money matters.
6 comments on "Little Things 48 : Short Inspiration"
  1. Only if money doesn't matter.
    I wanna go travel all around the world, meet different people, learn other cultures, try variety of foods and enjoy taking photos of life, people and other things.

    But as you wrote, money matters. And that's why I'm stuck here in my medical college. Hahaha :D

    Thanks a lot for this post! Such an inspiration :)

  2. Anon :-
    Wow, medical college is quite tough.
    I hope you will get what you are searching for.

    PS : And living your life for others is such a noble thing to do !

  3. for me, anything that what i want, i will try to get can search later but time when young soooo precious, do what ever u want to do..go explore d world., yeahhh

  4. Anon 2 :

    I want to enjoy my youth too, so you should consider to help a bit. I've been backing up a lot for you, you know.

    Ps :- Can you be a little bit original, at least put a little signature to differentiate you and the first anonymous. Come on.

  5. fo me ??

    hey, that's the purpose of being anonymous :p

  6. What if there are 3 anonymous, and they all sound alike. How should I reply?

    Anon 1, Anon 2, Anon 3..