Little Stories 24 : Grey's

November 14, 2012
Why did I even watch Grey's Anatomy in the first place?

Last night I watched the 'current' season 9 and ended up crying through the whole 2 series. I can't blame it on my hormones because I think they are perfectly fine. Those series became too hard for me to handle. After been knowing all casts for year, I've wrapped sentimental values towards them. Even as fiction, the series did a great job in leaving marks in my life. This is the longest series I've ever followed. 

Curse you Shonda Rhymes.
Why are you keep killing people?


When I kissed my mom's hand before I went to work today -

Ma : Did you just cried ?
Me : No,  I cried last night.
Ma : Why.. *concerned look and came closer to hug me.
Me : Oh, I watched Grey's last night and it was sooo sad. So I cried so much before sleeping.
Ma : Ahh, emotional. It was just a story. Your eyes are all puffy now !
Me : I knoww..

My brother was excited when I came out of the room last night and happily said "So did you cried?". Yes, I cried the whole time ! (=.=)'

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