Doodle : Come Back


Hello !

Like all any other people who draw and write for a living, I don't like " artist's block ". It is when I can't produce any other work, or trying to do so when end up with crumpled papers. Usually it happens when I finished a big project. In this case, my previous big project was Pipit Creative Market. 

It is very common and there is nothing to worry about. What I usually do is get online and explore the net for inspiration. It will take probably the shortest is for days and the worse is for months. I explore the net, read books, see visual books, listen to songs, watch movie, or travel. 

For almost a week, I've been having this condition. 
So for inspiration, luckily I followed my two favorite artist's instagram : May Ann Licudine & Audrey Kawasaki. They inspire me again with their beautiful artworks. 

Here are their instagram : Shardula & Audkawa.

And for all those commission orders and freelance works, it is on its way. I just got better from short artist's block.


And for the come back, I made several doodles in my doodle book :


And my Awan's sticker is coming up ! 
I'll test print it soon.

PS : Mum asked me why I keep on drawing these little people. 
As a warm-up, of course ! :D

7 comments on "Doodle : Come Back"
  1. so i think you have to reject any upcoming big project to avoid the artist'block maybe:D hehe..


  2. take ur time dear... tp kena bgkit cepat2... take care

  3. this is so inspiring, thank you for sharing...:)

  4. everyone looks matured.
    it seems like a family but just havent spent time together, aha..
    if this is ur warmup, im sure its coming out to be so hot!
    :D lots of love azreen!

  5. akak, 1st tgk blog akak, suke tgk doodle akak. akak full time doodler ke?

  6. Balqisfz , akak doodle sebagai hobi sajaa :D