Stickers : Cakes

I've been sleeping so early since last week. I guess my body is reacting to the medicine and *hopefully working their ass-es off to fight sickness. Last night I slept for almost 10 hours ! I think I can now even compete in sleeping contest with my cat, Awan.


Anyhow, there is a new doodle sticker collection : Cakes.

I took a day to collect ideas and doodle it on paper. I took 2 more days to digitalize it using Photoshop and my old graphic tablet. After several test print, I sent it to Serdang to be printed and I took days to cut them one by one and package it. 

For the next Pipit event, I'll bring all my sticker sets along. 

PS : All money collected for this sticker set sales will be used in my next trip to Beijing next month, *hopefully. If you want to help me reach my dream, you can buy this sticker set, or any other sticker sets available : All Sticker Set & Vintage Camera.


Yummeh !

11 pieces of colourful cakes & cupcakes.
plus additional of 2 little loves.
Printed on glossy sticker paper, hand-cut & packaged.

Price : RM 7

Postage : Express RM 4 / Normal RM 1
Email me :



First batch


Test print and Doodle sketch.


PS :

I'll be collaborating in OuterEdit Feb 2013 edition
with Joanxchong, Wanton Doodle , Mr the Beef, & YellowMushmellow.
Stay tuned!
Oodles of doodles !

8 comments on "Stickers : Cakes"
  1. You print in Serdang? Where in Serdang because I'm just around the area? :O

  2. awesome sticker..Want to ask where is the location of that printing shop in serdang?

    wish u luck on the pipit event

  3. There are countless print shops around Serdang, near UPM back entrance.

  4. get well soon and keepup da good work!

  5. UPM back entrance? Yg satu row dengan Double A apa semua tu eh?

  6. Those cakes are cute!
    Do you sell this online?
    If yes I would love to place an order.

    I purchased few of your stickers before and loves them! :D

  7. really cute and adorable like always, love your artwork ^^

  8. Yeap, Adora.

    Nazihah, can you contact me, or give me your email address so I can contact you ?

    Thanks a lot Ristania :D