Writing : 750words

November 01, 2012

750words is a website I used to practise my writing skill. Basically the idea is to write 3 pages long post on anything that pops into your head every morning. The unfiltered, spontaneous, daily private post on anything. It is to make writing be a daily habit. 

The idea is if you start your day with 3 long pages , it can help you clear your mind and keep the ideas flow all day long. Like morning exercise to keep you stay fresh the whole day, same concept.

It is not blogging. It is just a free style writing on anything. No particular rules. And it is private, only for you, by you.

3 pages = 750 words. 
I've tried it, and it was not as easy as I thought it would be. It needs a bit effort to keep on ideas flowing. Somehow I need to connect with my subconscious thoughts and it was always interesting to read later afterwards. More like a journal I guess, easy to say. 

For people who love numbers, you can also check out a statistic of your daily writing. For example, this is my statistic on today's post :

I even challenged myself in writing daily for November. Try it.

It was created by this guy.

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3 comments on "Writing : 750words"
  1. Laju? The time is it?

    Itu 1 jam 20 minit, utk 3 page. Mcm tak laju je.

  2. Thanks for introducing this website!
    I write on there for few days now thanks to you.

    Hehe :D