Thought : Apple's New Products

Ever since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple lost its mastermind. Apple is getting weaker. The competition between devices is relentless. Every company is shoving their products to consumers. Every couple of weeks someone I know from my Facebook list will popped up in my apps list - indirectly telling me they are now a tablet or smartphone user. 

On tablets :
Eventhough I am an avid Apple user, honestly I am not a fan of iPad. For me it seems like an obese iPhone. iPhone cathers all the basic things needed in my daily live - why would a person need to have an iPad? The only strong feature I find useful are the ability of an iPad to be used in presentation, work updates to clients, visual interactive portfolio and such - Anything work related. It is huge, I can't even fit it in my handbag. *I would like to own a kindle tho - only for my reading.

So I don't understand why they have to launch something called iPad mini 7 months after the new iPad? Ditto iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th gen that looked almost exactly like the previous one. 

Although the new iPod nano with built-in pedometer and the new slim iMac are really tempting, other new products seem like a repetition of the previous one.

I feel like I am talking about politic. The politic of brands. Which brand produces better products? The never-ending fights over this topic. Why I am even posting? Because I can't understand why they just launched iPad mini and it troubles my thoughts. I feel like saying, " Are you guys serious,? There's enough over-sized smartphones in the market, why did you guys just launched the doppelgangger of them? " Huh.

Anyhoo, I still love my iPhone 4s and my getting old MBP. 
Thank you Apple.

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