Work Related : I'm a Backpacker by Halian Azurin

October 26, 2015

Months and months ago, I got a freelance job to do illustrations for upcoming Travelogue Korea by Halian Azurin. As this would be my third time working for a book company but first time to be finally on print, I am super excited :F 

The first one was with PTSone, but I only did the coloring part - they cancelled the whole finished illustrations due to the similarity of every characters T^T but I got full payment nonetheless so I got no complains just frustration. The second one was with Karangkraf, it was for a children book on traditional games in Malaysia - I hired my ex-collegue to do rough sketches for the whole scenes because he worked as a sketchboard artist and he did it super fast. But I never found the book at any the bookstores - it was printed but I just never found it at bookstores. So this is my third and official first time :D

The project started even before I got married, I've been keeping the excitement in secret and I finally got to see the physical copy after so long. Last week I just received the book from them :D Thank you Miss Jann ! It is a nicely detailed book on backpacking in Korea. If you are a fan of travelogue, or will be going to Korea soon, you should try this book.


I only did some of the illustration parts like : map, clothes, seasons, foods and several more items. It's not much than what I think can be offered, but I'm still excited to combine two of my personal interests : illustration + travel in one project. Hope to get more of this in the future :)

Some examples :

PS : I got a whole lot copies of travelogues in my keeping and this is a nice addition.
Hope you guys will support them as well, you can go to these links to buy it :


You can buy it here : Bookcafe

Buy the e-book here : Im a Backpacker - Korea

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