Tokiyo Trip 12.2 : Kichijyoji

October 20, 2015

Day 6 : Kichijoji ( Monday ) Part 2

After visiting Ghibli Museum, we walked towards the Inokashira Park right next to the museum. We picked a nice bench overlooking the park and set our lunch packs consisted of several onigiris and our random drink of the day. It was a nice cold breezy afternoon and we saw several young mothers strolling along with their young toddler - the nicest view so far.

There was a young mother following her child, both didn't wear any slippers beneath their feet, playfully spreading their hands taking in the clear air. They walked pass us, her child innocently pointed to the birds around us - those birds were waiting for our rice leftovers. Behind us, there was another young mother with her child. Both sitting on the pathway, pointing and examining little things beneath the beautiful sunlight that shone right at their spot among all the tree leaves roof.  I love those little intimate moments of  a mother-child relationship. 

I thought how refreshing it is, to go out for a short lunch in a park during working hour just to freshen things up after several hours of work. Instead of sitting in my table eating things I tapao from food stalls across the road filled with oil, MSG and god knows what. =.= Right at this point, I am determined to refill my healthy food grocery list. Boo. 


Anyway, we continue our journey towards Kichijoji right after we cleaned up. There were signs along the pathways so it wasn't so hard to find the way. The park is really big. We found a beautiful secluded shrine on a lake, there was bridges that we can walk on to cross the lake, there were people kayaking and riding the Swan boat, some nice little food stalls, beautiful little dogs, people walking and jogging, random magic performance, a closed-for-the-day local zoo. Things were nice and beautiful, every one looked so serene and calm T^T


We finally reached the other end of the park and went out to the little shops alley referring to the Tokyo Guide. I stopped by at one of the shop to buy little cat badges with "Tokyo" written on it. There are many arts-and-crafts independent shops in this area. Ohh yes, and we stopped by at Namaste Kathmandu, Nepalese Cuisine for a tea-break Naan Cheese and Mango juice :D

I aimed for Sublo 36 and Pack Mart. And because I was wildly inspired by all these little indie-shop, I took photos of it and illustrated them back. It is almost halfway done - but I can't do it faster lah, the Mac is dying. There are also interesting places like Hara Donuts, Hattifnatt, and Avril. The whole list is in the Tokyo Guide, still up for borrowing purposes :)


We wished we got more days to explore the city, but the time flew fast. Morning in Mitaka, afternoon in Kichijyoji - it was a great day. We ended the day with taking some pictures in front of Izakaya area and headed back to Ikebukuro.

Ohh, and after we found out about ready-to-eat rice, we bought two packs of it at 7/11 and Lawson to make fried rice that night because the house we rented didn't provide rice cooker. Home made fried rice, fried eggs and a tempura fish from local market. We were that cheap :D 

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