Tokiyo Trip 12.1 : Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Day 6 : Mitaka ( Monday ) Part 1

I mentioned in my previous post about how devastated I was when we couldn't buy the ticket to Ghibli Museum because it was sold out until October T^T Visiting Ghibli Museum was one of my must-do list. Tapi takde rejeki..

Anyhow, I wasn't over it so we decided to go to Mitaka anyway. 
Early in the morning, we woke up like usual and prepared for a short trip to Mitaka. Mitaka is a bit farther than other main cities in Tokyo, it is not even included in the Tokyo Handy Guide. To go there, we took the local private line Tobu-Toju from Asaka to Ikebukuro Station and then we went to Shinjuku Station. From Shinjuku Station, we took a train (Chuo Line) to Mitaka Station. I forgot how long it took for us to arrive there, probably around 40-60 minutes. 

There wasn't as many people as the other station and we even had the first cabin for ourselves in the end. The train ride was beautiful, we saw various buildings tiny buildings on our way there :


We walked to the Mitaka's tourist center and asked if we could buy the ticket to Ghibli Museum - but they told me that those tickets are sold only to locals who stays in Mitaka *I mean, what's with tourist center that only sells tickets to locals? The museum sells a limited number of tickets each day, so.. yes. 

I was excited to see a custom bus stop signage of Totoro, from afar. But we decided to walk, instead of taking a bus. Just so I can really feel the pain of coming to Mitaka but can't enter the museum, even more slowly T^T 

Here is the signage along the road.
It was around 1-1.5km walk.


The city was calm and really beautiful. I decided to choose Mitaka as a place to live if I could choose one city in Tokyo :D *plus, I can be nearer to the museum as well. There were nice structured buildings, no crowds, easy-breezy cold almost-autum weather, random cute icons along the road, Ghibli bus T^T


After a while, we arrived at Inokashira Park and saw a map of the park. We were getting nearer. I saw a lot of momiji trees alongside of the pathway, it must be nice visiting the place during autumn, kan. When I finally reached there, I had a mixed feelings of being happy and sad and angry T^T I really wanted to go inside.

These are all I got during my short visit outside of the museum :


Almost everything was customized into Ghibli's stuffs : the lamp posts, the gate, the emblem, the entrance, the bus, the signage, the flag, the buildings T^T Too bad we didn't get the ticket kan, too bad.  I promise myself that the next time I visit Tokyo, I'll pay someone local to buy me the ticket super early.

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  1. Just want to give you a tip - you can use a service from this website: - they will buy the tickets from you, and then ship it to you. I used their service, and received the tickets safe and sound. The service offered is pretty wide - you can even ask them to buy something at Donguri and have them ship it to you.

    1. Ohhh, why la I was late then :(
      I wish I know about this service before going. Thanks a lot for sharing, maaaybe in my next trip - God knows when :|