Work Related : Stop Whining

October 05, 2015

It's my third week of being in a new workplace with different environment, different people, different everything. I'm still forcing myself to adapt faster and I'm trying not to walk to my old office everyday to meet Ally and go out for lunch =.= *we are now 3 buildings away.

I do whine every morning before work because I want to illustrate things in my personal project list rather than putting myself up out of my own little shelter. But I want to be better, learn new things and these constant whines aren't helping much. AF listens, and I'm thanking God for giving me such a patient man to listen to my immature whines everyday. 

Plus, I'm not making friends and I'm avoiding lunch-outings with my new colleagues. 
Sometimes I go to the mamak, order an iced-cold Nescafé and read a book. Alone.


I learned several things in the last 2 weeks :
1- Finished HTML & CSS courses from Codecademy 
2- Finished 'Make a Website' coding course from Codeacademy 
3- Design and customize coding of my first e-mail blast using Mailchimp

I know it is nothing too 'big' but for me, I've been avoiding coding since my uni years. So, getting my whiny-self up for a new challenge and coded the first mail blast without any guidance is my first achievement at iM :D 
They are making me a designer that can code !

I hope in 2 years time, I'll be that designer who can design, illustrate and code. 
And not whine so much.

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