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All digital art enthusiasts and designers might have heard about Dribbble :  a community of designers answering that question each day. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects.

I wanted to be a part of them. Although I have an account for several years, I only got to follow and like all the designers that I love but not post any shots or write any comments. I strongly feel that I need to keep my online portfolio updated to get more interesting projects and improve so I thought Dribbble is one of the great platform  available other than Behance. And Behance proved to be really useful in my career development.

So I've been waiting and trying. 

Last week I finally - finally got an invitation to be a player at Dribbble. 
I was invited by a local UI/UX designer : Razlan Hanafiah. At last ! Thank you ! T^T 

We get 48 shots every month, so every post matters. 
Here is my Dribbble portfolio at this moment. I uploaded my version of Sailor Soldiers because they are my latest works. I thought about posting stuffs from works as well but I know that I will get annoyed with the combination of illustration and vector work in my portfolio - there's no folder :( My OCD can't deal with the differences of my leisure work and my work-work. 


Yeay for finally being accepted as a dribbbler of the world!
*jakunzist mode*


Ohh, and I found a really interesting website on UX Designer Salary all over the world. Although the salary paid to UX designer in Malaysia varies from being really low to quite high in the survey - we can conclude that most of them still receive fairly low salary, but tiny bit higher than normal graphic designer *based on jobstreet posts. Unless I'm going to work in Eastern Europe, India or the US. So I'm still considering whether to pursue my next skill to UI/UX or focus on illustration and icon design. Hm hm hm. 

Based  on the survey, average UX designer's salary across 70 countries is around $57,117 or RM 243,705 per year or ( $4,760 or RM 20,308 per month ). Not bad. I should definitely consider to migrate elsewhere :F

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