Run : Gym and Haze

A week after we bought a Groupon's voucher to unlimited 1-month passes to a gym, we both got sick. It started with 4 days of AF resting and 5 more days of mine. It was awful and I couldn't do anything much other than watching series and movies. 

Now we are both on track again, Tasy included - *because we mentioned to her about the special affordable offer. The haze's condition turned out really bad lately after we thought that it got much better last week. False alarm. All running events got cancelled and postponed. Yesterday : Putrajaya - 184, Bukit Damansara - 178. See, following my instinct on buying the gym's pass for a month instead on joining another running event turned out to be just right. For RM 58, I got to run as many times as I want. 

By now I reached 37 km 46km of running and 11 km 14km of walking in our 3rd week. Not bad, la kan? We got roughly around 10 more days and I'm aiming for reaching at least 50 km of running this month.

+ a week more to go ! should we extend our gym session for now? 


I also met my ex-chief of editor while lunch 4 days ago. He's in his 50s, quite fit, lean healthy body, got a copy of "What we talk about when we talk about running", used to be an avid runner but got injured - like all avid long distance runners lah kan. He doesn't seem like he regrets his years of intense running, I just remember he said this : "Well, I no longer run these days. I can't.", in 'that' tone. But he goes to the gym now and got himself a trainer to build his muscle. He home-grilled chicken breasts for lunch and maintained his food intakes and he happily said to me; 
"You just need to be a little bit more disciplined with your self and you can. I no longer run, but I still can do other things to train my body."
And when he asked what we had for lunch, and we answered "another unhealthy foods, shame on us", he said :
"You need healthy foods. It's easy you know, just go to the supermarket and buy some chicken breasts, marinate it for a night and grill it in the morning before work. I can do it, you can too".
Since than, I started bringing home-cooked lunch from the previous night's leftovers. 
And put so many tidbits at my table in the office for snacks when I need distraction from my roaring stomach : nuts, raisins, banana, biscuits. Healthy kan? =,= 

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