Little Things 208 : Stray Cats & Dogs

I always bring cat's biscuits in a small zip-seal plastic or fried fish left-overs in a plastic bag. Most cats around my apartment know me *some dogs do too. Every morning they wait in front of the apartment, the black-grey one always waits under the car *the rudest among all, the 2 orange-brown cats wait at the motorcycle's parking lot area. Those are the ones that I usually see. There are also : the old-white male cat with a collar and old-orange male cat as well, both look so old and grumpy.

I realized that all female cats are approachable, they only need several days of constant food to get use to the routine. They are still awkward, maaaybe because they are not used to human's affection or attention. But they do know me and wait for me everyday :) Most male cats are really hard to approach, they just almost never ask for food. I don't know if it's their ego or it's just hard for them to trust human. 

Stray dogs are also around every morning. The brownish tall one and the short fluffy black one. I always hide the plastic from them - because those fried fishes are meant for the cats and dogs eat a lot. They always get excited, tails wiggling fast trying to come closer, I keep on saying "No, no" with my hand sign "no" and they understand T^T They are so smart. When they approach the foods I put on the floor, the black-grey cat will shoo them away with a scary hiss and scratches. 

Those are my mornings.


The best things about this :
They recognize me and they come running when I call them.
I only need to do that hand-gesture of "meh, meh sini".
Do you know how that feels?

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