Illustration : Rei Hino

Rei from what I remember, she is strict, conservative and serious, she works as a priestess - other than being a student in a private girl school :D She's the second Sailor Soldier recruited after Minako Aino. This is the original manga stroke by Naoko Takeuchi :


I wanted to draw Phobos and Deimos next to her as well, they both are her pet like Artemis to Minako. But I don't really know how to draw crows. It turned out to be quite kelakar, so I just deleted them both and left her alone :

I started drawing when I first read Sailormoon series, so this manga series gave the biggest impact in teaching me how to illustrate and doodle. I remember sending my artworks to several publishers after SPM and getting a reply like "we are seaching for more 'Malaysian' stroke for our book illustration, your artworks are too anime & manga like". And because that was my first letter blast to possible future employers, getting rejection means the word "failure" stamped on my forehead. I avoid drawing manga-stroke like illustration afterwards.

Even after I've known several people in the industry, I've heard people categorize illustrators from their choice of drawing strokes. Putting label like "Western drawing style or Taiwan or Japanese and such. What are those labels even mean? I thought it's our own personal preferences that guide us to create our own strokes, despite getting heavily influenced by any other illustrators. There is no such thing as 'Malaysian' strokes if they are talking only about "hidung kemek bentuk 3" and "gigi besar". I know how Lat, Gila-gila and Ujang used to conquer the comic industry, but I don't think they should be the general guideline to define "Malaysian strokes" :F

Maybe we don't have any strokes to define our strokes yet, and that's fine.

So for this Sailor Soldier series, I'm going to embrace my personal clean-manga-strokes childhood likings and do fan-arts out of this. Thank you to : Sailormoon (Naoko Takeuchi), Chocolat (Eisaki Kubonouchi), Cardcaptor Sakura + Chobits + XXXholics + Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Clamp) , Cowa + Kajika + Dr. Slump (Akira Toriyama), and Oh My Goddess (Kosuke Fujishima).


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