Little Stories 209 : Phone Plans

I've been using Maxis since after school. 

I didn't think much about the service, plan or charges because I'm hardly connected pun. So yesterday I went to the Maxis Center to pay my bill. While waiting for her to process my fees, I munched my secret cashew nut supply from my bag and looked at the pamphlets next to me. I saw a 'Lite' plan pamphlet for light user : RM 48 (1 GB internet, 100 minutes talk, 100 sms).
"Can I change my plan?"
"Sure, are you on contract?"
"Then that's easy, you can just choose a plan and I can change it for you".
And I pointed at the pamphlet. I've been using RM 78 per month plan forever - it consisted of 200mb internet and what-ever it was ages ago. She was even surprised by the existence of the 200mb internet plan and I had to explain to her that it's been years since I look around the current offers. Ppfft, I feel old. 

So she asked for my IC and she clicked and typed things on her keyboard. Several minutes later, I got a notification stated that I changed my plan and also cut the previous broadband line that I subscribed to last year when I was living alone. So, from those 2 lines that I've been paying around RM 140 every months for so long, I finally did what I should do from the start, now I'm starting to pay only RM 48 per month -

Lesson :
1. Even if I'm not really attached with being connected, I should be aware of current plans that they are offering. It is so much cheaper than what I've been paying, I can save A LOT.
2. Ask. 

3 comments on "Little Stories 209 : Phone Plans"
  1. still, i think maxis plans are quite costly. i've just changed my plan into magic sim about a month ago and they offered me; 73 mins call, 75 sms and 2 gb internet for only RM 38.

    but sad thing is i never use the free call & sms since my family and most of my friends use maxis. such a waste kan? haha

    1. Yeah, my family members all are using Maxis, soooo, it's cheaper this way. Haha :p

  2. We haven't used Maxis sejak zaman sekolah! Everyone migrated at some point, I'm currently using U-Mobile for phone and Celcom for wifi broadband (but just last week we gave in and applied for Streamyx huahua). Celcom has excellent speed and packages too. The sales lady persuaded us to try Maxis sebab ada promo, but the hidden sneaky syarat2 and slow line (dapat 3G je, not 4G) proved her wrong.