Event : Art for Grab Dec 2013


I had a lot of fun joining Art for Grabs in October and decided to join them again for this 14 & 15 Dec Art for Grabs ! Wihu ! Same place, same time, great environment, friendly crowds and hopefully more things to share ❤ 

Short vid from previous event :

There are lot of new items, that's for sure :)
PS : Thanks to all the people in the video shots, you are super awesome for coming and supporting our local art. Please come again, friendly familiar faces.
PS2 : and thanks FariKarim for the video ! :D 

5 comments on "Event : Art for Grab Dec 2013 "
  1. yang saya beli dengan akak haritu pun tak sempat nak guna lagi, huhu .

  2. I can't wait too see you again.
    This event Art For Grabs really awesome.
    The environment, the place and the people.
    I'm really happy to be a part of it ^^