Little Things 100 : Let's Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time and be an IT student again, I would..

1. Create a Behance and Dribbble account and use it vigorously as guideline to success.
2. Read double amount of books every month.
3. Do proper case studies on start-up companies and their products.
4. Still not focus on the programming part of everything. 
5. Learn digital illustrating on the second year instead of the final year.
6. Watch double amount of movies from the intranet. 
7. Focus on web development and UI/UX. *UX/UX at the time was pretty much, new. After iPhone was born, every IT based products from devices to softwares put extra efforts in making things beautiful, simple but define its purpose. Suddenly every button every line got meanings and explanations , and I just love that.


Things I still don't understand important but seemingly important for the college :

1. Having a mentor. 
*I met her once in the first semester.
2. Clubs or societies. 
*I was never active and if I did, it was because of the requirement to graduate. Those group-things they tried to implement, nope, did not worked for me. If they wanted to see my commitment and how passionate I was in doing something, they should see me in my doodle business. 18 events, several interviews, and talks, what more can I show to prove to them? I hate clubs and societies. Or maybe they wanted to see me participate with other people :- that is still my major problem in life.
3. Exams on written programming. 
*I literally memorized the codings. Memorized and was pretty bad at it. I think I got C+ in my Advanced Programming. That was my lowest point in my graduate years.  
4. Kursus kahwin
*I took it too early now it is not even valid.


But then again, I don't want to turn back time if I could. The beautiful thing about now is I completed my years as a student and I can work for money or do anything I want to do. I proved to the society that I can take exam and memorize things that are needed to pass. I proved to my parents that I can learn and get 4 flat or even C+. 

For all students out there, please enjoy your years as a student because those are the years that you can have fun and learn a lot of things and be awarded with a scroll. Ha. Because the next thing you knew, you'll be paying off your loans and your middle name would be 'responsibilities'. 

2 comments on "Little Things 100 : Let's Turn Back Time"
  1. sijil kursus kawin ada expiry date ke?

    1. Entah dengar ada lepas 2-3 tahun kena retake?
      Sy amik dulu2 tahun 2008-2009, haha.