Little Stories 63 : Run Forest, Run

December 03, 2013

I signed up for my first 10km run last weekend.

Despite my unwillingness to run that far in one go, after my last 7 km run several months back. I said "no more", thinking I'll lose the main purpose of having fun in a big running event if I can't run along with everyone. But I fought back, I wanted to know the feeling of outrunning my own self-claimed limitation. 

I just wanted to know that it won't be as bad as I assumed it would be. 
And it wasn't that bad. 

1 : 20 : 30,
I was the 168th person from 828 runners. 

If only I could believe in myself for every decision I make and put all limitations behind, maybe I could go farther than where I am now. If I could put all the energy into believing in achieving what I wanted and needed in life, maybe I could touch those dreams and turn them into my reality. 

Because the only thing that stoping me, is actually me.

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