Little Things 101 : Freelancing

December 06, 2013

Best things about freelancing at home are :
boleh masak nasi goreng at lunch and eat while doing works, wear anything I want and guling2 when I feel tired. 

The worst thing about freelancing at home is :
people thought I am not working so they will give me so many tasks at home. Trying to work while completing tasks is quite hard. No one is taking my job seriously. It's either pulling up all-nighter or create a borderline between working-time and home-time. 

The most annoying line from people : "kan duk rumah takde kerja". 
If I stayed at home doing nothing in these 5 months, then where did all the money to pay : the house, insurances, loans, bills and monthly needs came from? Do you think I will ask from my parents?


Time management and discipline are two most important things that I focused on. If I don't complete my works, I won't have any money to survive. These 5 months, I've been working daily to keep paying my financial responsibilities without borrowing money. It's not easy, but I managed to learn a thing or two from that.  

But my 3 months reckless life is over, I worked part-time at Liquid Learning for a month afterwards and tried to find any available permanent job as well. In a month, I applied to almost 20 jobs from jobstreet, been to 3 interviews - 2 got rejected, got a continuous freelance job after an online interview from an IT company as well and finally offered a permanent job as a designer last Monday. That took about 1 month. 

Ma is so worried about me not having any permanent job, and started to ask me to find any eligible gentleman that will marry me and let me work at home so she doesn't has to worry much if someone is taking care of me. 
I had to do what I had to do.
I got a permanent job along with freelance job, and I am moving out to taste my freedom.

Read here to learn more about freelancer working at home, to educate yourself.

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