Little Stories 66 : University Studios

While riding a bus to work in the morning, an Indonesian conductor bus came to me for a ticket. I took time counting the money to give to him and at the same time he waited. He saw my black tote bag next to me with "Universal Studios, Singapore" printed on the bag. 

He slowly read, 

"U-ni-ver-si-ty Stu-dios", and whistled, *impressed.
"You studied there?", he asked.

I managed to answer a confused, "hm?" and he pointed to the bag.
"No, no, I didn't".

"Oh, I thought you studied there to become an actress".

And I smiled and he left.

I should have said that "Yes, I studied at University Studios, and want to become an actress". 
That would be a story :D
1 comment on "Little Stories 66 : University Studios"
  1. Hehehe. This story really reminds me of m sister's Japanese friend.

    She also called Universal Studio as University Studio.

    We found that was very cute and had a very hard time keeping ourselves from laughing. Good old time. Hehehe :)