Random Rambling : 02112013 - Sit and write.

October ended well, routined life, daily work, work and more work. I am finally enjoying my day sipping hot nescafe in front of my Mac, silently nagging myself to start writing again. Turned off the music, put my iPhone far on my bed so I wont keep on checking my Instagram. I am trying to type something. 

Here goes my report on October.

1) New job
I love working in the city. A lot of empty faces in the train, hours of wandering before reaching home, reachable bookstores and cafes to hide in, more time to read and think. 
Although it is not too easy to try to communicate with my current colleagues. I hardly talk, I hardly even go anywhere except to the toilet once in every hour. I work silently in straight 4 hours in the office. I pack my things and go home when the time is up, like I have an important appointment. Always so silent. I learned quite a lot about them merely by observing my environment. Like their names, their jokes and laughter or how they sneeze, some of their favorite drink or the smell of their cigarette. I probably sounded like a stalker when I type this down - but these are just the obvious things anyone can come up with. I love how far and near we all are. 
When I was in the lab and just started working, I took 2 months before I actually talk to Kak Nofa who sat next to me. The time I need to feel comfortable is just too long, it's almost disturbing. Nevertheless, how distant I am to people does not trouble me that much. I've always been in love with my silence. 

2) Exhibition
Mom's exhibition ended 2 days ago. We spent hours taking them all down and bringing them home. These couple of months were so challenging, to our mind and body. We all did a great job in making my mom's dream came true and I wish I can personally thank my siblings and everyone who directly or indirectly helped us. We reached so far and I hope we learned a lot in this event. 

3) Outing
Even though my official outing months ended when I started working again, I am still trying my best to find time to connect with my surrounding. I missed my extra time and weekend while I worked daily in October, but I'm hoping I'll get back to nature sometime soon. My Instagram is still packed with those little things that I photo-hunted, and I feel happy just seeing them all in it. 
It doesn't really need to be explainable, does it. I found my joy, I hope you find yours.

4) Japan
Should be acceptable to write this as a stressful motivator. I had to postpone my travel this year, and plan for early next year trip instead. Although I've been to new places every year since 2009, I just have to miss this year for a longer exploration plan than usual. Phew. Oh, and the location is Japan, back to where I was born. 
All for love. Read on my previous joyous exploration here.

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