Little Things 97 : Totebag

Confession number one :
I love canvas tote bag.
I can simply fold it and put it in my sling/handbag and bring it out to put stuffs when I buy things because I don't like plastic bags and usually when I buy stuffs, I'll say "No plastic, thanks" and stuffed those things in my bag with the receipt - so when I have a tote bag, I can just use it instead. 

Confession number two :
I have 3 of these bags.
1. The RM 5 empty canvas-like totebag I found in Daiso. I bought it because I just like the bag : all empty, like a sac so I can put my groceries when I buy them - way back in Uniten.
2. The canvas totebag from Astronautboys as a gift that I got when I went to Bandung and met him. Which was the luckiest thing that ever happen in Bandung other than a great family time. This is my favorite one - I still use it, and it's been more than 2 years.
3. My own totebag. I don't know about you, but I thought people who use their own products as  "macam-bagus-guna-barang-buatan-sendiri", until the time that I finally made something that I sell and use for myself. 

Confession number three :
I love my explore totebag, I actually designed it for myself.
Ha. This is the one thing that I created solely because I want to use it and at the same time decided to share it with people. It may not be as fashionable as any other branded bags out there but for me, it stands for its sole purpose of being simple-foldable totebag. And it is enough. 

Confession number four :
I still think you need to buy it, if you are a totebag user - that's why I made this post. To share the love of canvas totebag :D plus the 'explore' is to inspire you to go out and explore ! 

Thanks !
6 comments on "Little Things 97 : Totebag"
  1. I love your explore totebag. Last time I used when I went to my class. My friend thought it was small and we can't put our 'big' sejarah books. haha But it fits my big sejarah book. and all my things. So comfortable. The word explore also defines who I am and things I love to do. So when I go out to explore I bring along the totebag. And I'm happy to say that I've bought your totebag. uh yeahhh.

    1. Haha thanks for buying.
      I use my totebag a lot too, agak2 berapa lama baru lunyai. :D For now, I'm the first user and it still works fine. Paling best adalah, boleh masuk kertas A3, after printing stuffs kat kedai print.

    2. lama kot. because I plan to keep it forever with me . sayang beg tu. hehe. best kan pakai barang yang kita buat sendiri. sebab that's exactly what we want and need. heheh

  2. Salam, berminat nak beli plain canvas bag?