App : Water Daily

March 28, 2013

The facts stated :
60% of our body is water ,
70% of our brain is water,
and the lungs are nearly 90% water.
So as everyone knows, water plays a huge role in our body.
Do you drink water as much as needed?

Here is an app I used with a nice minimalist interface design to keep track of my daily water intake : Water Daily by particlemade.

1. Select your water amount : 2500ml (recommended for man) and 2000ml (recommended for woman) ,
2. Set your waking & sleeping time : to keep track of your time,
3. Allow notification : for people who don't drink as a habit - I don't need any reminder. Ha.
4. Check your daily drinking habits.
5. Shake your iPhone every time you drink 250ml water and it will automatically record it :

Nice one, huh?

5 comments on "App : Water Daily"
  1. I don't use iphone so I don't have this app .but I really need a reminder . because I'm too lazy to drink :D

  2. cuaca panas kan skrg? dh minum air byk2 dh tapi tak rasa nk ke tandas.. rupa2nye air byk kuar kat peluh.. betapa panasnye cuasa skrg..

  3. Haaa, kan. Sesuai guna app ni utk remind minum air secukupnya :D

    Well, Mida, bring along a bottle of water, nnt mesti kena minum juga :)

  4. Terima kasih azreen sebab kongsi. Semalam baru install di ipad. hari ni rasa perbezaan dengan semalam dalam kuantiti air yg diminum. Kena paksa!

    Thanks! :)