Little Stories 36 : Taxi Driver 2

January 15, 2013

Morning story with Uncle taxi.

Uncle : It's near Raya, everyone is so busy. 
Me : Ya la Uncle. Are you taking some days off? 
Uncle : I don't celebrate Raya much nowadays. No difference. Got children feels like no children. No one wants to come back home. I makan cincai2 on Raya. 
Me : Why so? It's Raya, Uncle. 
Uncle : Children don't want to come back ma. Young Chinese nowadays are very different. They are so focused on their work, on their current life, they forgot. It's different from the Melayu, Raya so happening, everyone goes to mosque, everyone goes makan2 with families, so many kenduri.  
Me : *awkward laugh* 
Uncle : There used to be time when people go to temple to pray, meet their parents, go have big 'makan2'. Now, Raya or no Raya, all the same. The young people go take holiday and travel. Leave their parents. They forgot that one day, they will be in our place, see how their children treat them.
Me : Why don't you give them a call ? Say " Come back home, makan2, rindu lama tak jumpa ".  
Uncle : No use lah. Not important anymore. You, Melayu, stick with your family. Take a good care of your parents, ok ? Don't buang them when they are old.  
Me : Yes, Uncle, I sayang my parents so much. I'll take care of them.
7 comments on "Little Stories 36 : Taxi Driver 2"
  1. ritu pon sy naik driver teksi china pon mesti diorg ngadu hal anak..=_=..cian dgr

  2. Pernah mengalami hal yang sama, naik taxi dengan uncle cina. Sedih :'(

  3. Dalam hidup kita tidak terlepas daripada hidup berkeluarga dan bermasyarakat so sebagai individu kita mempunyai tanggungjawab terhadap kedua-duanya. DO YOUR BEST TO GET THE BEST.

  4. terharu! sob sob! sedihhhh


  5. Itu lah, kalau hari-hari dengar cerita pakcik taxi,
    boleh insaf T^T