Event : Doodle's Day

Last weekend, zamzammee and I were invited to share our experiences and stories about our doodling business in a small event : Doodle's Day by Sifoo.com at the Canvas, Damansara.

Other participants : PTSNetMedia, Basheer Graphic Books, Gorilla Ink, The Kufi Art, Kevin (Doodles Iphone App) n TheCanvasMy.

On the Event :
I met Mr. Imran, the man behind Sifoo.com, and dearest Juliana that contacted me for the event, also people I know from facebook : Dayu Inai Pengantin and Nerdless Art, and many other peoples with a great interest in doodling.

Meeting a lot of people with the same interest was really fun. We talked and discussed about the same thing, we doodled on the huge wall and we spent time planning on future events together. I've never met a big group of people with the same interest with me at one time, and for that, kudos Sifoo.com !

I brought almost all my doodle books & travelogue for doodler to read. When someone pointed out about my passion in traveling, my heart leaped ! Now I know what it feels like when someone else understands about your passion in something, you'll just get so excited you want to excitedly blurt everything - Thank God I managed to control it.

Let's Jo ! 

Dear doodlers

Our small booth selling stickers !

Laser engraved doodle by zamzammee.

I doodled on a wall !

My doodle partner, zamzammee

Stickers Galore

Judging Awesome Doodles


On Talking :
Truth to be told, I was a bit extra nervous when I was called upfront and given a microphone in my hand. After speaking as fast as the lighting for the first 5 minutes, I passed the mic to zamzammee and after those several minutes of nervousness, it finally faded when I came to my senses and focused on some familiar faces. Those talking time with questions from audience was much more better. Extra notes : It is not a secret, my skills in public speaking and talking to people are pretty unpolished, so I am sorry if there are any flaws & annoying things mentioned while I was sharing my experiences.

Talk by us : zamzammee & azreenchan


Taken from here :

The Whole Gang

The Whole Doodled Wall

Thanks for the invitation and for making it happened !


10 comments on "Event : Doodle's Day"
  1. menariknya...seriusss...kagum dgn awak..mesti nervous

  2. this is amazing!!! :)
    And I can't count the number of times I got whacked on my hands for scribbling on the wall as a kid hahahha now it's like "art!"

  3. hye azreen..
    anda ohsem!
    sangat kagum ngn doodling kamu..sungguh!

  4. terbaik!!!!,....mesti best nih!!!

  5. I'm so excited that I get to meet with you & your sister in flesh. Though we are all busy but it was extremely fun and exciting! Hope I get to meet up with you, your sister & Zamzammee again in the near future!.

    My little piece of advise for you... Part of living a bold life, a fearless life, is knowing when you just shouldn’t give a damn.

    Sometimes we must have the courage, the guts, sometimes even the anger, to not care about the possible consequences so that we have the freedom to live life on our own terms. Doodles rule!

  6. oh..such an honor to meet the doodle sifoo zamzammee & azreenchan at last!

  7. Aaah looks/sounds like such a cool event!

    And well done Azreenchan! :D I'm sure you were good. Practice, and pulling yourself through "uncomfortable situations" does it! ^_^