Send your Apple Product In T^T

My Mac went into a coma since a week ago,  and is hospitalized, until the Apple doctor finds out what is wrong with him. It has been 3 wonderful years, and I am so thankful for all the things he had done. Let's pray for all the good things in the world, because I can't afford to buy a new one better than what I already have now. 


For any problems with your Apple product, just bring it to their new authorized service provider, next to Mid Valley Megamall, it's the building next to Mid, across the bridge. 

  1. Go to your right, towards the iPad,
  2. Type in your name, 
  3. Sit & wait, until your name appears on the screen,
  4. They will do some check-up,
  5. Depending on how serious it is, your item will be checked-in or not,
  6. They will contact you in a week,
  7. They will send a quotation through email,
  8. Agree to proceed, bank-in, and inform them,
  9. They will proceed,
  10. Wait patiently.

Update : They have diagnosed my Mac and informed me that the hard drive is severely damaged and all data are unretrievable. I am feeling a little bit frustrated because I've never made any back-ups along these 3 years. My works, my past works, my current and future works are now gone. 

Seeing from different perspective, it is as I've always said : Avoid getting too attached on material things. Those pictures of traveling, artworks, my writings, vanished in a week. 

I guess 2013 is the year I reborn. 
A huge sign.

Update 2 : I am so saaaaaad. T^T

Update 3 : Bought hard drive from an IT store, not from Machine Service Center because they offered much much expensive ones.

Update 4 : Brought back the hard drive to them, they installed everything back in one day. I just took my Mac back this morning. I felt like crying with joy, it's been 2 weeks and I felt empty in those 2 weeks cutting stickers without it. I promise to do weekly backups this time, I promise !

Update 5 : Data is being extracted from my broken hard drive by our internal super awesome programmer. See how it goes ! :D

Update 6 : Yeay ! All data retrieved ! Hail our super awesome programmer ! :D

5 comments on "Send your Apple Product In T^T"
  1. Aaaa..ur post makes me wanna back-ups all my data now >.<

    Be patient sis.
    I'm sorry for u :(

  2. Assalamua'laikum sis.
    Actually saya sendiri dah a few times jadi bnde mcm ni. Laptop rosak tibe2, external hard disk rosak, hp hilang and etc. Semua benda hilang ecsp photos. Sedih. So lps tu, usually saya akan buat several back ups on Cd, Dropbox, a few external hard disk and others laptop. Paranoid enough ehhh? Hahaha. Don't be sad. You can slowly capture the moment again :)


  3. Hi Azreen, saya pernah menghadapi perkara yang sama. Tetapi setahu saya didalam Hard Disk ada juga bahagian yang tidak rosak you masih boleh retrieve file yang tidak terbabit. Pergi ke low yat tanya di kedai yang buat repair they know how to do it.

  4. ade 2 je care nk dptkn blk data yg hilang:
    1. gune software
    2. lab operation