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I read twice from writing articles about 'finding your niche' in blogging. Roughly, the idea is to write your blog specifically only on topic/s that you chose to write about.

You can have a fashion blog and talk about all the latest fashion, what people wear, what you should not wear, which colours suit you, how to combine patterns, and so on. You can write a travel blog and ramble about your travel experiences, tips and tricks, how to save and spend money, what to bring, interesting inspirational little stories along your journey and such.

Personally, when I try to think about which labels I should bring to give readers a tunnel to my life's interests, I failed. If I ever have to write about one topic alone, I'd probably cringe badly to the idea itself. What is it that I love so much that I'll write forever ? I can't choose !

Like what Leo Babauta said in zenhabits :
Focus, minimize, it's al about the energy of focusing on one thing alone.

I can't.

There are so much in the world, and out of the world that I would love to discover and share.

I've tried to separate my life as a doodler and a writer and a thinker and a traveler once, but I combined all blogs into one eventually. Letting people know me as a whole than as different persons.

How can a person is only interested to write about one topic, when there is so much in the world to write about ? For example, in this blog, I try to only write about my doodle experience, travel , books and writings,  technology, little stories , thoughts , foods, people, events, easy to say, everything that goes around me. That is more than 10 topics.

Here, take Leonardo da Vinci , he was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and a writer ! Ibnu Sina can write about philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, geology, psychology, theology, logic, mathematics, physics and poetry ! They pretty much can be anyone and still be credited for it. That is pretty impressive and genius ! Those topics are not even related in our educational school system : arts and science are separated - from what we've learned. 

So, should we find our niche topics? Should we label ourselves ?

Personally, no. I think you shouldn't create a label, so that you can be more open to the world around you. I personally think choosing a niche will limit how my mind think so I try to avoid that. If I want to write something on one specific topic, I'll write a book, or create a website. But having a personal blog is a must, at least as a writer and a human, I think it will help me sharpen my mind.

Be curious as ever to everything. 

3 comments on "Writing : Niche"
  1. Agreed! Separating parts of yourself is difficult, and makes things complicated. Like Voldemort and the horcruxes. Also limiting the topic you talk about in one place might hinder growth and change, like what if your interests are no longer there? Then you abandon the blog.

    So I like that you talk about various things in one place. Gives a more holistic sense of a person. :)

  2. Yeay ! Kudos to the Voldemort & horcruxes example, you got an interesting way of saying it :D

  3. I agree on your point of to not label oneself. I tried once but I failed miserably. I abandoned the blog I created.

    So now, I just shove everything in my personal blog. Because I just can't choose one that I love most. Or maybe I haven't found one yet. ;)