Little Stories 37 : Taxi Driver 3

January 22, 2013

Morning story with uncle abang taxi :

It was a silent morning, I took a taxi ride like usual. I sat in the front seat, like most morning when I feel it's rude to seat at the back. My eyes routinely wandered towards the cross sign hanging at the mirror, slowly towards his taxi identification card. Moses. A devoted Christian Indian named Moses. Nice one. If he is Muslim, he'd probably named Musa. 

I saw his IC number, he was born on 1971,  that makes him 42 this year. I took several glances at him From my eyes, he is at least 35, or probably much younger than that.

When I was about to pay for the fee, I talked to him.

Me : You look so much younger. *while pointing to the ID card date. 
Him : Well, I am 42 this year. 
Me : For real? But you look so much younger. 
Him : I exercise everyday before work, I wake up at 6 am to run. I take a good care of my health and what I eat. I make friends with the Kelantan boys, they taught me to eat ulam-ulam, and those sayur. I do not smoke or drink.  
Me : Well, keep up the good work. It's working, you surely look young.

From his look, he was pretty happy this morning.


PS : I'll jog and eat ulam-ulam tomorrow! or the day after. 

1 comment on "Little Stories 37 : Taxi Driver 3"
  1. Love it when he mentioned 'I make friends with the Kelantan boys'. Wonder, does he eat the ulams with budu? Hehe!