Little Things 55 : Goals & 26

Early last year in 2012, I created a reading challenge using Goodreads. I wanted to read 25 books in a year, and kept track the whole time. I managed to read about 27 books :

4 novel graphics, 
2 visual travelogues, 
1 travelogue,
19 fictions,
1 non-fiction.

What did I learned after reading 27 books? 

  • I learned about wolf packs, its ranks, habits & attitudes from Jodi Picoult's - The Lone Wolf. She did a whole research on wolf and the man of wilderness , that based on the true story. Reading something so factual in a fiction is the easiest way to understand and remember.
  • I learned about finding happiness. Read more here.
  • I learned about the possibility of detachment from other beings, why those things sometimes happen? 
  • I learned about how beautiful life is when we learn to see from different view. This was from Yasmin How You Know? I am going to buy this book to keep, later.
  • I learned about Craig Thompson's personal war and brief history after reading his travelogue, biography and his masterpiece. Why does it matter? Because what he questioned were the same questions I've always ask myself and he shared his findings in his artworks. I read them all in hope that I'll find my own answer one day. 
  • I learned that movies can be so boring than thousand pages of books. This is after excitedly reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, super thick version versus trying to fight sleepiness while watching the first movie in the cinema. 
  • I learned about creating travelogue, and still teaching myself to find stories from my expeditions. 
  • I learned about signs, destiny, faith and the love for my Creator from Paulo Coelho's books.
After reading 27 books, I'd probably learned only several new words comparing from those early years of teaching myself English,  so it is time for me to learn new language. 


Some geeky goals :

This year, I am turning 26.

I want to read another 26 books and watch 26 movies. 
I want to try 26 recipes + new foods + place to eat.
I want to learn one new language. 
I want to travel to one new country/place.


All the best for your 2013 !

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  1. may your mind flourish with every flip of page... :D